I'm getting "Sorry, you have already viewed the offer" message

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All coupons have a personal print limit (the number of times you’re allowed to print a coupon), but some coupons have an extra limit on the number of times you’re allowed to access, or view, the coupon's display page.  Manufacturers request these security measures to prevent viral sharing of popular and higher-value coupons.  By controlling the access, more coupons are available to their loyal consumers.  

Here are a few tips for printing controlled access coupons:

  • Don’t click the coupon link you’ve been sent until you’re at a laptop or desktop computer that’s connected to a printer.  If you open the link using a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone, you’ll “use up” one of your chances.  
  • Click here to print the test coupon to ensure you can use our Coupon Printer.  If you're having trouble, click the links in the box to the right to access additional help articles.