Why is my loyalty card being used by another person?

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It’s very unlikely that your loyalty card is actually being used by another person.  This type of situation is usually because of mistakes or old information, such as:

  • Typing in the loyalty number incorrectly
  • Typing in your email address incorrectly
  • Forgetting that your signed up previously using a different email address
  • Recycled loyalty card numbers
  • Mixing up loyalty cards from different retailers

If you are receiving the error that your loyalty card is in use by another person, contact your retailer.  They can sometimes correct the error.  However, the easiest way to resolve the problem is to obtain a new retailer loyalty card.  See your local store manager for information on obtaining a new card.  

Printing coupons
  • Add coupons to the queue

    Click on the plus sign () for an individual coupon to add it to the print queue.

  • Open the queue

    In the header bar on the left you'll see a pink button. The number of coupons you have in the queue is displayed. Click there to open the queue.

  • Print your coupons

    Click on the print these coupons button to print all of the coupons in the queue.

  • The print driver

    We use a print driver that must be installed before printing. This is a small, secure application that installs on your desktop or laptop.

Downloading coupons
  • Login or create an account

    You will need to have an account with us. It's simple and we only need the very minimal information to get you started.

  • Connect a store loyalty card

    Connecting a loyalty card will let you clip downloadable coupons right to your card with no printing. Simply use your loyalty card at the store to redeem the coupons you have clipped to it.

  • Set an active loyalty program

    You can connect multiple store loyalty cards. By setting an active loyalty program you are telling us which one you want to clip coupons to.