Where do I find my RedPlum® coupon book?

Please provide your address on our RedPlum Coupon Finder to find out where you might find RedPlum® offers in your neighborhood.              

Can I be added to the mailing list in order to receive RedPlum® coupons and deals?

In nearly all cases (99.9%) your address information is already on record. If you aren’t receiving RedPlum® mailings, it is because distribution isn’t based solely on your address being on file. A number of other factors influence where ads are delivered, largely driven by the marketing... more »

Why is the coupon booklet no longer in my newspaper?

In select markets, our RedPlum® coupon book is delivered through the mail along with weekly grocery circulars. Go to RedPlum Coupon Finder to type in your address and find out where you might find RedPlum offers in your neighborhood.

I am having problems printing coupons from Can you help?

Go to Help Center for help with printing issues. We have compiled a help list for common printing problems that will resolve a majority of issues. If you are still having problems after reviewing this tip sheet and taking the necessary steps to resolve it, it may be an isolated,... more »

How can I receive multiple inserts or coupons?

We are unable to send out multiple coupons, coupon booklets or circulars upon request. The determination of how and where to distribute these offers is made on a market-by-market basis, based largely on the marketing plans of our advertisers.

I was not able to use a coupon because the retailer could not scan or key it in. Can you help?

The codes within the coupons are supplied by our clients and are valid. Unfortunately, at times, store scanners can be sensitive to the spacing within these codes. Try again at the same or a nearby retailer after the in-home date.