Fri, Nov 3, 2017 – by RedPlum

What to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy

What to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy 1

Now that the dust has settled on Halloween, you may be left with an abundance of candy. Of course, you could eat all of it (we won't judge) but if you want to avoid temptation or try something new, there are a few ways to repurpose that stash of sweets.

Donate it. Send care packages with tasty treats to troops and veterans, local hospitals, nursing homes or those less fortunate.

Take it to work. Fill a candy dish on your desk for coworkers or clients to enjoy.

Freeze it. Chop and sprinkle morsels over ice cream sundaes for customized creations.

Bake it. Step up your cookie dough or cake batter! Get mouthwatering recipe inspiration here.

Make a snack. Throw together a super-easy and healthy(ish) trail mix by combining chocolates with pretzels, dried fruit and nuts.

Whip up a holiday creation. Decorate gingerbread houses, cookies and more!

Save it for birthday parties. Individually wrapped sweets are perfect for filling piñatas or goody bags...that is, if you don't eat all of it first!

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