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Fall Yard Clean-Up Checklist

Fall Yard Clean-Up Checklist 1

Does the thought of spending a beautiful fall weekend cleaning up your yard have you feeling exhausted? Use this practical to-do list to quickly tackle cold weather lawn and garden protection and save money in the long run.

  1. Fertilize the grass. Before your turf goes into hibernation, give it the nutrients it needs to withstand winter elements, leaving it lush and green in the spring. If you prefer a more natural approach, use these tips for organic lawn care.
  2. Plant shrubs. Fall is the ideal time to buy and plant shrubs, trees and bushes as the cool, moist soil helps root systems get established. Follow this step-by-step guide for proper planting techniques. Remember to save your receipts as many stores will replace plants that don't survive.
  3. Rake and compost leaves. Round up the fallen leaves in your yard and, if you're feeling extra motivated, compost them for a natural and low-cost way to nourish your lawn and garden.
  4. Trim branches. Survey your trees and shrubs and look for weak or rogue branches that need to go. Learn the keys to good pruning before you get going.
  5. Clean out the vegetable garden. After your fall harvest, till the plot, remove debris and add a layer of compost to enrich the soil for next year.
  6. Plant bulbs. Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are perfect picks for a colorful spring garden.
  7. Divide perennials. Now is a great time to cut back and thin out overgrown plants. Whether you transplant them to another bed or share with a neighbor, this can be a definite money-saver. If you're lacking a green thumb, get a quick tutorial here.
  8. Protect sensitive plants. Cover or bring in anything that can't withstand the cold. Purchase frost guards for in-ground vegetation and move potted plants indoors.
  9. Mow the grass one last time. Giving the lawn a final, short cut for the season will help it bounce back next year.
  10. Clean and store tools. Protect your investment by taking time to remove dirt and securely store your equipment in a dry place. This will reduce the likelihood of rust and extend the life of your tools.

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