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Couponing Matters: Your Shopping & Saving Perspective

Couponing Matters: Your Shopping & Saving Perspective 1

Recently, we gave our faithful followers the opportunity to take part in the 2017 RedPlum® Purse String Survey to share their couponing opinions for a chance to win a $250 gift card. More than 8,000 of you responded (thank you!) and provided invaluable insights about your couponing habits and shopping preferences.

In celebration of September being National Coupon Month, we are sharing a few interesting tidbits that we discovered among our survey results.

  • Couponers drive purchase decisions in their household. 79% of respondents said they make the everyday purchase decisions (across a variety of product categories) for their family, while 21% said they share the decision-making with someone else.
  • Couponers carve out significant time to search for the best deals. 53% of respondents spend more than 2 hours each week looking for coupons, deals and savings from across all sources including print, online, in-store and mobile.
  • Coupons help you save real dollars each week. 41% of respondents reported saving more than $30 a week using coupons.
  • Couponers want to save on more than just grocery purchases. Although 95% of respondents are seeking savings on groceries, they also look for deals in other categories: dining out/restaurants (64%), cosmetics/beauty products (64%), clothing (57%), and household items (51%).
  • Couponers desire more savings for online grocery shopping. 57% of respondents said they would be more likely to shop for groceries online if they could use more coupons.
  • Couponers are technologically minded shoppers. Half of respondents are interested in trying in-home virtual assitant devices to purchase groceries or other household items.

Wow! These results show that clearly, couponers love to save on all types of products and search for deals through a variety of sources. Savvy shoppers are looking to new technologies and services to make couponing more convenient and efficient, leading to even greater savings.

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