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10 Time-Saving Cooking Shortcuts

10 Time-Saving Cooking Shortcuts 1

We all know busy weeknights can make a home-cooked meal seemingly impossible. Before you reach for the takeout menu, learn how to minimize your dinner prep with these time-saving techniques.

  1. When preparing a new dish, read through the entire recipe in advance and develop a strategy to work more efficiently.
  2. Wash, chop and properly store vegetables as soon as you get home from the market. Not only will this save precious time during meal prep, you can set aside extras for healthy snack options to have throughout the week.
  3. Before you start cooking, place a large bowl near your work space to contain scraps as you prep and avoid extra trips to the garbage can.
  4. When boiling water, cover the pot with a lid to shorten the time it takes to heat up. Remember to stay nearby and uncover it when it starts to bubble to prevent boil-overs.
  5. Although pricier, you may find value in certain convenience items such as pre-chopped vegetables or a rotisserie chicken. Sometimes they're just worth the extra cost.
  6. Consider doubling your recipe to create extra meals to freeze for later. If you're going to take the time to cook, try to get the most from it!
  7. Cook key ingredients in advance to skip time-consuming steps. For example, brown ground meat today and reheat for a super simple taco night tomorrow.
  8. Invest in a slow cooker! Nothing beats arriving home to a prepared meal after a busy weekday. 
  9. Clean as you go. While your casserole is in the oven, use the downtime to wash a few dishes so you can relax after the meal.
  10. Don't go it alone. It may seem simple but delegating tasks like setting the table or filling water glasses will have everyone enjoying the meal sooner.

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