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How to Buy the Clothes You Want at Clearance Prices

How to Buy the Clothes You Want at Clearance Prices 1

Would you like to get the clothes you want at clearance prices every time you shop? Of course! There is a proven way. You will need patience and an understanding of the store sale cycles. Also, if you shop both the regular sales cycles and seasonal sales, you should rarely have to pay full price for clothing or accessories again. Try these tips to find the best deals.

Store Sale Cycles

When new clothing is available, it is usually placed near the front of the store and sells for full, or nearly full, price. Then in six to eight weeks, the store receives new merchandise to display. Therefore, many of those items, which were the latest a couple of months ago, are now on clearance near the back of the store to make room for the new items.

You may have to look carefully to find the sizes, styles, and the brands that you would like to buy. The clearance racks are usually not as well marked as the more prominent displays. Also, other customers are not always good about putting items back in the proper spot.

However, it pays to search for items with discounts of 30-50% or more. Discounts of 75% are not unheard of on clothing and accessories. The longer you wait, the lower the prices will drop.

Shop at the End of Season for Biggest Savings

Near the end of a season is a prime time to shop for clothes on sale. In general, stores are about two months ahead of the season. Therefore, you will find summer fashions on sale in September, and winter fashion in February. You could save big on a winter coat, and still be able to wear it for a while before putting it away until you need it next year.

Take Advantage of Thursday Savings

Many stores begin preparing for the weekend clearance sales on Thursdays.

Knowing the sales cycles of your favorite clothing stores is essential to saving money over time.

Print this list to find out when items are on sale each month.

What are your favorite stores to shop, especially on clearance items?

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