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4 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

4 Ways to Reduce Food Waste 1

We have previously discussed the merits of freezing food to save money. However, there are other things you can do to stretch your grocery items to reduce spending. Changing your shopping habits can contribute to reduce waste to save money and get the most from what you purchase.

Here are a few tips to spend smarter to reduce food waste.

  • Shop more intelligent and eat wisely. Always use a shopping list to buy what you need to stop overspending, especially when it comes to perishable items. Eat fresh produce within a couple of days of purchase and plan to eat the non-perishable meals that include pasta or rice for later in the week. Creating a meal plan can do wonders for your savings.
  • Know when foods are healthy to eat. Sell-by and use-by dates on products are suggestions, not strict rules. Except some baby foods, there are no federal regulations when it comes to food safety and expiration dates. The dates on packaging are put there by manufacturers to indicate peak quality only. The dates do not necessarily define when the items will become risky to eat. Many foods are still healthy to consume well after the sell-by dates on the packaging.
  • Seal foods for freshness and savings. Put breakfast cereals, crackers, chips, cookies, and other dry goods in clear, airtight containers with lids to make them last longer. Moreover, since you can see exactly how much you have, it is less likely to buy more of something you already have enough of in your pantry.
  • Know your refrigerator. The warmest part of the fridge is the door since opening and closing it can make the temperature fluctuate. For this reason, keep dressings, condiments, and the like in the door since they last longest, and put perishables such as eggs, butter, and milk in the fridge. Also, use the crisper drawers for fruits and vegetables. However, do not mix them. Put greens in one drawer and fruits in the other.

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