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The Shelf Life of 5 Common Foods

The Shelf Life of 5 Common Foods 1

The actual shelf life of food can be quite different from what is on the packaging. Therefore, you do not need to throw food away simply based on the printed date. Below are the average shelf lives of five common foods.

1. Eggs. When kept refrigerated, eggs can last three to four weeks past the sell-by date. You can extend this shelf live by keeping them in the original egg carton container, which keeps out moisture. Also, hard boiling eggs further prolong the shelf life of another week as long as their maintained in the fridge.

2. Milk. Milk can be safely consumed for 7-10 days past its sell-by date provided that you keep it at or below 40 degrees in the refrigerator. The light inside the refrigerator can also affect the storage life of milk, so try to keep cartons in the back of the fridge rather than by the door, which is where the temperature fluctuates the most.

3. Butter. Butter that is refrigerated can last up to a month past its sell-by date or up to 9 months when kept frozen until it is time to use.

4. Dry pasta. Dry pasta in its original packaging can last up to two years past its sell-by date. This makes it a great item to stock up, especially with coupons.

5. Fish. Fish can only last 2-3 days past its sell-by date assuming you store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator, but you can freeze most types of fish for up to six months.

As always with food, be sure to use common sense when considering whether an item is fresh to eat. If it smells bad or shows signs of mold, be sure to dispose of it.

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