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How to Make a Home Gym on a Budget

How to Make a Home Gym on a Budget 1

Gym memberships can be expensive – especially if you are not going regularly. So skip the membership fees, however, not the workout, by creating your home gym for little money. It has the added benefit of saving some time since you do not have to drive to the gym. Plus, if you have children, you will set a good example for your kids when they see you breaking a sweat at home.

Here are several ideas to help you begin a home gym: 

  • First, put everything in one place, so it is easy to access. Do not give yourself any reasons to procrastinate or avoid being active. You are more likely to use your equipment if it is easy to get. Use a basket or bookshelf to keep exercise items organized and out of the way if it is in a room that you often use for other purposes.
  • Sites such as,, thrift stores, and garage sales are great places to find exercise equipment that is affordable or even free. Just be sure to test any large equipment such as treadmills to make sure they are working properly before purchase.
  • Check out this list of free online workout videos to help you get fit at home. These free videos are the next best thing to having a personal trainer.
  • Exercise or resistance bands do not cost much. However, can provide an excellent strength workout. Also, the resistance bands do not take up much space. This is also true for other small, storable items like hand weights and jump ropes.
  • You do not have to own equipment. You can get a vigorous workout using a yoga mat or other floor pad, performing a regimen of push-ups, sit-ups, stretches, basic yoga moves, or other classic aerobic exercises.
  • Use free exercise apps to keep you motivated and on track. A few to consider:

If you are looking for an alternative to the gym to stay healthy, remember you can meet your fitness goals right at home.