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Grocery Savings Tip: Plan Ahead

Grocery Savings Tip: Plan Ahead 1

Planning ahead before hitting the grocery store will save you money and time. Find out what you will need in advance based on the meals you have selected for the week.

Check out these tips to help you get started with grocery planning.

1. Determine a budget.  Add up how much money you spent on groceries last month. Think about any and all [the] food [that] you had to throw away due to spoilage. Put the amount that you spent on groceries last month in your grocery budget this month. [Finally,] pick a day of the week to plan weekly menu. -  Kim,

2. Make a list of your favorite meals.  This will help you remember all your meal options while you are making up the menu. Write breakfast menus, lunch ideas, and dinner options: main dishes, side dishes, vegetables, and desserts if your family eats them regularly. – Gloria,

3. Shop at multiple stores.  [Before] leaving your home, look at all of the ads for the stores in your area and decide [the] stores to shop. Pick only one or two stores and shop for the best quality and price. Maura,

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